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Tránsitos Fríos Burgaleses

At TRANSITOS FRÍOS BURGALESES SL, we are experts in refrigerated freight vehicles, providing national and international coverage (full coverage across Europe).

We guarantee the quality of our service by ensuring a large and modern fleet of vehicles, which are periodically updated, as well as being fully equipped with GPRS and locators. Our temperature control systems look after the quality of your products.

We are experts in transporting heavy loads at controlled temperatures (perishable and frozen goods).

Our experience and capacity allow us to meet any refrigerated freight need.

Associate member of the freight exchange www.wtransnet.com

We carry out national and international routes to all EEC countries, with weekly freight to the United Kingdom.

All kinds of perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, animal products, etc. that can vary between temperatures of -22º to 22 º.

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Tránsitos Frío Burgaleses S.L.